For any of you who know me: most of 2018 was spent with my head down, building our client base and moving further into an enterprise-client level, realigning the agency, our branding, and our messaging with the work we’ve already been doing and hope to continue growing into. The end of 2018 was especially hectic (our busiest of any “busy season” in the past decade) and lead to splitting our project manager role into two, hiring two new team members, and beginning to consider the infrastructure of the agency and my involvement in it as a whole.

While I’ve always been involved in every aspect of the agency since Day 1 in 2012 (and my freelance business prior to that in 2009), we’re at a point where my focus needs to be more on strategy and agency innovation, and less on being in the trenches of asset production and attending every client meeting. It’s an odd feeling to adapt to after being “one with the agency” for so long, but the idea is to continue to hire team members who love and are great at their vertical while I oversee and drive things forward.

With that being said, and with more than a decade of experience now, my focus in 2019 is to not only continue developing the agency, but also to share what I’ve learned along the way. This includes major speaking engagements (more news coming soon), personal blogging and guest podcast appearances, and also launching my own digital publication addressing the process of entrepreneurship (Project NOVUM).

The first step of climbing out from under the rock (or behind the keyboard) is getting a new website up that reflects my work and experience, and ultimately leads to an easy way for folks to reach out and not only start a conversation, but also inquire about speaking engagements and pro-bono consulting.

So, welcome to the new While I’ll be adding more content and resources to the site throughout the year, I’d love your feedback now to help shape what comes next. Feel free to reach out and drop a line.

Looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.

~ Collin

Collin Matthews

Collin Matthews

Entrepreneur. Runner. Content Creator.

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